Aimee Joint and Giuseppe Meany in  'WESTMINSTER GIRLS'  July 2015.

Aimee Joint and Giuseppe Meany in 'WESTMINSTER GIRLS' July 2015.

Pimlico Films is a  production company. Established in August 2014.

'THE FIVE FIELDS' was a term used in the dowry of Mary Davies, who in 1677 at the age of 12, married Sir Thomas Grosvenor. It referred to a part of London known today as Pimlico, Belgravia, Mayfair, and most of Knightsbridge.

In 2015 Pimlico films produced Westminster Girls and Emily Goes To Pimlico

VICTORIA COACH is a project currently being developed:

Maria Finds A Hairdresser,  Ginger Bryant,  The Theatre Director's Husband,  The Old Lady In The Garden,  Barnsley Coach,  The Man From Milan  and  Pinto Milosz.

Also in development with SpiderShed three new short films: